Friday, April 12, 2013

Astronaut Ice Cream

Every kid has had this dream of becoming an astronaut one day. Our young minds made this exploit seem so plausible at that time. But that's until we grow up and realize that getting hit by a lightning is an easier endeavor than achieving the opportunity to fly at an altitude of 100 kilometers (62 miles), a skill that separates astronauts from professional, commercial and military flyers.

In fact, as of June 2011, only 654 people in the world were able to accomplish this feat. Of these, only 24 have traveled beyond the Earth's orbit to either the moon's orbit or surface.

This may come as a big blow to a lot of young space dreamers out there, but who knows where we'll be in a decade or so in terms of space exploration. For now, we might as well content ourselves with a bite of some astronaut dessert.

I saw this pack of Astronaut Ice Cream on the sweets rack by the front registers at Old Navy. At first, I thought I wasn't looking at the real deal until I have fully read the description on the packaging. So, I shelled out 4 bucks (less than 200 in Philippine Pesos) for a pack of this novelty, all the while thinking how cheap it is for something that used to be for the exclusive consumption of the world's elite group of cosmonauts.

Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream, 4 USD.

The packaging mentioned that this ice cream has been aboard space missions since the early Mercury Missions in 1961 and is still being consumed on NASA missions today. The label also listed a site called where I read that all their products are certified space technology. They also sell online a variety of freeze-dried astronaut fruits and candies on top of their huge selection of ice cream flavors.

Astronaut Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich, 3.05 USD.
Astronaut Bananas, 2.40 USD.

They even have an Astronaut Beef Stew Space Dinner which I would absolutely like to try.:)

Astronaut Beef Stew Space Dinner, 6.30 USD.

The one I took home was the Neapolitan Ice Cream which is a combination of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors. It's ready to eat and has a calorie content of 120 for a 20g pack.

The contents looked more like pieces of hardened marshmallows but once it reaches your taste buds, you will definitely recognize it's ice cream albeit warm. There's an initial cookie-like texture which turned into a silky consistency as soon as it melts. And though, its rich taste and creaminess is quite enough to satisfy my sweet but mostly curious craving, it still doesn't come close to the marvelous taste of real frozen ice cream.

My son is too young to understand that his generation can now enjoy things that we, adults, used to only dream about as kids. But he posed like he knew how lucky he is, anyway.:)

My little future astronaut.:)

I will definitely take a couple of these space food back home to the Philippines just to give my nephews and nieces something to brag about in school.:) The kids are surely gonna love these.

Oddly enough, indulging in this confection totally made me feel good. It's probably because by buying a pack, I had contributed even if just in a small way to NASA's space exploration program. Or maybe, eating this ice-less ice cream gives me a kick with the realization that when it comes to desserts, we, earthbound earthlings somehow got the better end of the deal.:)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Melo's Steakhouse - Burgos Circle, Taguig

Celebrating our anniversary has always been essential to me and my hubby. No matter how busy we are from work and parenthood, we always make sure to steal some quality time for a special date. This year, we chose to celebrate our 13th year of togetherness indulging in something we both love...steak.

My husband and I have different tastes in food. While he would kill for a pizza and a burger, I would rather yield to the temptation of seafood and kebab. Not to mention, the sweet things that my husband calls desserts but have always managed to serve as my main course.:) With steak, our taste buds have found common ground. And since we want to savor first class perfection, Melo's is the first place that came to mind. Their menu is a bit pricey but we decided to splurge for this special occasion.

The Melo's branch in Burgos Circle-Taguig on a Sunday is the best place to be if you're aiming for a not-so-crowded intimate lunch setting. The restaurant's staff were nice, friendly and totally attentive to our every wish. The establishment's elegant decor was welcoming and not intimidating. The muted lighting combined with the natural sunlight streaming through the restaurant's huge glass windows successfully produced a fancy yet cozy ambiance.

I have a small issue, though, with the meat freezer being in plain sight of dining guests. I just find it quite unappetizing despite the five-star quality of the raw meat that I would surely be drooling over in its cooked form. Good thing I wasn't sitting next to it.:)

The sight of this raw meat put a slight damper on my appetite, but not enough to completely turn me off. After all, there's such a thing as a rare steak.:)

Our fabulous meal began with a pate appetizer served with crunchy crostinis which perfectly whetted our appetites.

Pate Appetizer with Crostinis.

A bowl of hearty minestrone soup and a plate of divine bread rolls with butter quickly followed. I didn't care much for the Italian soup because the sweet and super soft bread rolls totally stole the show from it. I almost ordered a second serving had I not reminded myself that I wouldn't want to be too full to enjoy a big plate of premium grade certified angus ribeye steak.

Minestrone Soup.

Bread Rolls with Butter.

And as if on cue, the caesar salad arrived just as I was finishing the last bite of my heavenly bread roll. The salad dressing was fairly light yet extremely flavorful. Its savory garlic aftertaste only heightened our taste buds for our much awaited main course.

Caesar Salad.

Melo's 8 oz certified angus ribeye steak is quite a sight to behold and it absolutely lived up to my expections. Now I understand what all the rage is about.:)

8 oz Angus Ribeye Steak.

The tender and succulent meat bursts with rich flavor even before I slathered on the gravy and green peppercorn sauce that came with it.

In fact, I ended up liking it better without the accompanying sauces. I can taste the sumptuous seasoning pretty deep in the meat which was perfectly grilled by the way. I didn't even realize I was so full until my fork clanged against my empty plate. For the first time in a long time, I didn't even crave for desserts.

Shirley Temple Cocktail and Fresh Mango Shake.

Our terrific dining experience at Melo's is just the perfect way to mark our 13th anniversary...a superb meal to celebrate living the good life.

Bonifacio Global City, Burgos Circle
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Phone Numbers: +63 2 403 5968

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