Monday, November 21, 2011

The Tale of a Mom and a Pizza

I always knew I would one day get old. And I am beginning to feel it today. It’s my 33rd birthday and here I am at the mall, buying some food for a quiet celebration with my family. I bought a tray of spaghetti, which my mom insisted about. She somewhat believes that eating the long strands of noodles on your birthday will prolong your life. So even though I was a bit on the doubtful side, I complied. Better safe than sorry.:)

I, then, picked up my birthday cake. The kind with lots of candy flower decorations that left no space for candles to be placed. I’m just not in the mood for some candle blowing ceremony today.

And last but not the least, I went to Pizza Hut and ordered my favorite Tuscani pizza flavor, Supremo. I can still remember the first time I ordered the Tuscani pizza. My husband and I were at a Pizza Hut counter for almost 30 minutes just trying to decide which pizza flavor we would buy. He wanted the Supremo and I was insisting we order the 3 Cheese Bacon and Spinach. In the end, we had to buy both just to avoid a big fight.:) It’s funny though, that I ended up liking his choice, the Supremo. And he ended up devouring the entire box of 3 Cheese Bacon and Spinach. But he did leave me a slice, a very small one.:)

I fell in love with the Tuscani Supremo because it totally tickled my taste buds and brought my pizza experience to a whole new level. I liked the thinness and crispiness of its crust and I was dazzled by the perfect balance of its well focused flavors. Its distinctive Italian taste didn’t overwhelm the palate and allowed the great pizza flavor to emerge. And even though I wasn’t just eating but analyzing each and every bite, I got transported to Italy before finishing my first slice. After all, how often can one say that her pizza experience turned into a journey?

I got home to a lot of hugs, kisses and birthday well wishes. This somehow made me realize how lucky I am to have a dependable husband who loves me, a cute son whom I’m crazy about, a loving mom who would do anything for me and 6 wonderful siblings who have always been there for me.

This realization made me change my mind about not blowing my birthday candles. I may feel old but I would rather be old than go back to the time when I was young but had never met my husband, had never given birth to my son, and had never yet tasted my favorite Tuscani Supremo.:)  I wouldn’t ever trade what I have today for youth.

So, I placed with pride the big number 33 on top of my favorite pizza and whispered a silent thanks to God along with my wish to become a better mom to my son and to somehow win the Ipad 2 at the Pizza Hut Tuscani Flavor Your Life Blogging Contest. I, then, asked my son to blow the candles for me and welcomed my 33rd year with open arms.


Winning this Ipad 2 will give me the opportunity to educate my son even more. My two-year-old is currently learning his ABCs and numbers through the interactive videos I downloaded online. His doctor suggested a more stimulating medium because my son has a tendency to quickly lose his interest in books and drawings. However, we only have one desktop computer at home which I also share with my husband. With this Ipad 2, my son and I can enjoy more hours of learning together in and out of our home. I can just imagine how my baby’s eyes will light up on Christmas Eve when he sees his new animated “book”. 

My son is my life and making him happy will always add flavor to my existence. I always knew I would one day get old but becoming a mom had changed me into a better person and made me look into the future with much anticipation. The future is bright, how could I have missed that before?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

“JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest” Commenter Winner

Congratulations to JENNY SO! You just won a Johnson's Baby gift pack.Thanks to those who joined this promo.:) xoxo

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

“JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest”

The first time I saw my Neo, I instantly knew that he's braver than me.  He endured the hardships of labor and bore the ordeal of getting stuck in my cervix for quite some time. But still, he came out kicking and very much alive. In fact, unlike other babies, he didn't sleep for the next four hours after birth. Instead, he didn't waste time and started bonding with me and his daddy right away.

Neo Sebastian Reyes, at birth.

The next day, I was with him when the nurse gave him his first shot of Hepatitis B vaccine. He just gave a short sigh and went back to sleep. The same thing goes on the third day when for the first time, I gave him his first bath. I was expecting him to resist a little. God knows how I used to run out of our apartment door naked when I was 5, just to avoid my mother and the hose she's about to douse me with. But I finished our first bathing session in a breeze. My baby was fully awake and just totally enjoying the moment, as if reminiscing his nine months of just floating inside my womb.

Neo's first bath.

A year passed and he still loves his bath time just as much. As a matter of fact, he would be cranky the whole day if he missed his daily soak. He is changing before my eyes but his skin is still like a baby’s. We still need the gentle care of JOHNSON’s Baby Milk Bath, with Vitamins A&E and 100% more milk proteins to nourish developing skin.

Johnson's Baby Milk Bath

Bath time is fun time.

One milestone after another only strengthened my belief that my little boy inherited the genes of a daredevil. His stunts and antics are the kind of stuff that the one-year-old "me" could only dream of. My mother said the same when she saw her grandson stand up while in a moving car ride inside the mall. She also felt pride when she saw an older child bully my son inside a play house. Instead of running away, my little boy looked the big bully in the eye until he scared him with his killer stare.:) Yet still, Grandma was a little surprised when she saw her grandson not only ride but run around inside the biggest ferris wheel in the world when we were in Singapore.

Our little daredevil at the wheel.

Braving the heights inside the Singapore Flyer.

And his first dip in the pool? He had so much fun, he even complained when we had to leave.

Neo's first dip in the pool.

But in our Boracay vacation a few months ago, the mother in me was finally put to the test. My kid was totally enthralled with this giant slide inside the hotel. When my husband went to the front desk to ask if a one year-old is allowed to ride, I was secretly hoping the lady would say NO.

I wasn't a brave kid when I was young. On top of many things, I have this fear of slides since I was 7. A kid pushed me and I fell off a slide with a bloody mouth. I never went near a slide since then. Not even my husband managed to convince me to do so in our 10 years of togetherness.

As luck would have it, the lady said YES. And so, my son rode the giant slide with his daddy. His squeals of delight echoed through the room. He went for it a few more times until we had to leave. But then, my little boy looked me in the eye and pointed to the slide, as if sensing my fear. It seemed like he was asking me why we haven't tried the slide together. I didn't know what happened next but something stirred my mother's heart that gave me the courage to join my son.

My favorite mommy and son moment to date. My kid's growing up so fast, he helped me face my greatest fear.

My kid's growing up so fast, who would have thought that he would get me to face my greatest fear after all these years? But then, Neo isn't just another one-year-old. He is my son for whom I would do anything. Just like all the mothers out there who happily endured the hardships of labor and the bigger responsibilities of becoming a mom.

Motherhood is a series of adventures that not even a roller coaster ride can describe. There were days when we were high with excitement, especially, when our babies had accomplished a new milestone. There were also those quiet moments when our kid was asleep and we're just perfectly content to cuddle him close and smell the baby scent we so love. Then, the low days...when all things just seem to go haywire and we begin to wish we can live the single life even just for a day. So, I wrote this essay to remind me and all the mommies out there how lucky we are to have been blessed with our kids. For daredevils or not, they will always be the apple of our eyes.

"Thank you, Neo, for inspiring me every minute of everyday!"


I made this essay for my sake,
For sometimes I fail to appreciate,
These precious moments when I still can say,
That you depended on me in every way.

I now realize that I’m lucky this way,
That I have you all day in my embrace.
For someday this moment will be way past today,
When the world and your dreams will be yours to take.

Then you won’t have a choice but to forsake,
The mother who cared for you, so that you may,
Look for your destiny and make mistakes,
To learn to live and find your own way.

When that day comes, I will have to face,
Empty days without you when I wake.
But don’t you forget, I’ll be here to stay,
To guide you every single step of the way.

Looking back someday, I’d be able to say,
It’s a good thing I wrote my reflections today,
To remind me of my precious yesterday,
When once I was a mother to you all day.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Obagi's Professional-C Serum

Ten years ago, I would have said no to facial treatments. I would have saved my precious bucks for a hot dress, an elegant bag or a pair of charming earrings. But some things change with time. I don’t know when it started. I just remember waking up one day and seeing a noticeably older reflection of myself in the mirror.

Did I grow the eye bags overnight? I didn’t think so. Were the lines running on my forehead just pillow marks? Not possible. I don’t sleep face down, ever! Was the tired skin just a product of the cold rainy weather?  Could be. But this was the first time I ever noticed these things.

At 32, I never thought I would be worried about aging. I always thought my youth would last ten more years before it expires. Clearly, I was wrong. Obviously, I was ignorant. Apparently, something must be done before it’s too late.

So, I googled about skin aging and came across the term “photo-aging”. It’s the damage done to the skin from prolonged exposure to UV radiation. The first signs of photo-aging appear in the mid-20’s, way earlier than we ever realized. That's why it’s vital for us to start protecting our skin as early as we can. After all, if there’s a better investment, more important than a beautiful wardrobe or a wonderful bling set, that would be our precious face.

The bad news is we can never stop aging. It’s simply the way nature works. The good news? Nature tilted the scales in our favor and gave us Vitamin C, its most powerful antioxidant. But the intake of Vitamin C supplements is not enough to give us the radiant glow of a healthy skin. What we need is L-Ascorbic Acid, the only form of Vitamin C that can be effectively absorbed by the skin.

House of Obagi's Professional-C Serum 15%

House of Obagi’s Professional-C Serum is stabilized ascorbic acid in a bottle. This skin care innovation offers maximum antioxidant protection you won’t find in other Vitamin C products. It’s clinically tested to be noncomedogenic with minimal side effects. It’s available in four concentrations to address all skin types:

20% Serum - has the highest concentration of L-Ascorbic Acid.
15% Serum – for all skin types.
10% Serum – for dry, sensitive or reactive skin
5% Serum – protection for the sensitive eye area

I had been using the 15% Serum for some time now and it really works. Before, the skin on my face was a bit rough and even had dry patches in certain spots. After just 3 days of using Obagi's Professional-C Serum, I noticed a big change. My skin became properly hydrated and the dryness evidently disappeared. My pores shrunk as well, which restored the youthful glow on my face. It’s like the tired skin of yesterday never really happened, sort of like a bad dream.:)

Who says 30 is old?:)

I now use Obagi’s Professional-C Serum  every single morning. I can even wear it under make-up. It comes with a bent tip glass dropper which makes it easy to apply. A few drops to your face, neck and chest every morning is all you need to give you the protection your skin requires.

Php 4800 at House of Obagi.

So when people ask me what I carry in my handbag for self defense, I always show them my pepper spray House of Obagi's Professional-C Serum. What else do I need? Thanks to House of Obagi, I can now face the day without worries. I’m proud to be in my 30’s and counting.:)

House of Obagi Greenbelt 5 
Ground Flr. Greenbelt 5 
Ayala Center, Makati City

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Traffic jams no more

LAMBOLANCE: Speed Car meets Speeding Truck

My solution for reducing traffic jams around the world is safe and responsible driving. A huge percentage of traffic jams were caused by road accidents which could have been prevented if:

1) We do not drive faster than the speed limit.
2) We are not drunk or under the influence of drugs when driving.
3) We make sure we are in good shape, and not sick, overly fatigued or too drowsy to drive.
4) We do not take a call or use our cell phones while driving.
5) We are constantly alert for road hazards such as debris, potholes, crossing animals, etc.
6) We do not drive recklessly by changing lanes abruptly, driving so close to another car, running red lights, etc.
7) We follow traffic signs diligently.
8) We avoid driving during extremely bad weather when road conditions would be unsafe for motorists.
9) We pay proper attention to our vehicle's maintenance to keep it safe and reliable.
10) We follow the law and do not participate in illegal street racing.

If we change our road habits for the better, there is no doubt that efficiency can be achieved. No traffic jams means more time to spend on the things we really need to do. That's what true efficiency is all about.


Apart from road accidents, another primary contributor to traffic jams is the exodus of people and vehicles in the streets at a given period. When people leave their house at the same time, traffic jams are inevitable. Hence, the term “rush hour”.

The reason why traffic conditions had worsened through the years was because the world did not only become overpopulated with people, we also witnessed a dramatic jump in commercial and industrial development.

My solution for reducing traffic jams around the world is what I would call, SECTORAL TIME ZONING. Implementing a specific timetable for each sector would greatly improve our traffic conditions. For example, schools and universities would be ordered to open at a designated period of time (between 5am-7am). A great way to make this idea viable is the utilization of school buses and carpooling, so parents would no longer have to drive their children to school.

Sectoral Zoning Hours

After an adequate time interval, offices can now start their business hours (between 8am-11am). Around this time, the students would be out of the streets and road congestion in the morning would have been reduced by 50%. The time we would save by not getting stuck in traffic would definitely do wonders for the business sector. Time efficiency means better productivity which will in turn result in greater profit.

Commercial establishments like malls should be required to start operating around 12pm onwards, when the country’s workforce is all at their desk getting busy for the day. Who goes to a mall before lunch time anyway? Students and employees can always eat breakfast in their respective school and office cafeteria.

By doing this, we would also be able to prevent evening rush hour because students would be travelling back home way before people getting out of the office would.

A world without traffic jams is possible if “rush hours” will no longer exist. The strict implementation of SECTORAL TIME ZONING might just be what we need. The solution is in our hands. Imagine how efficient our lives would be if we can only manage our time wisely.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Reflections of a Full-Time Mom

By: Cheryl Ann Lei Reyes

I made this video for my sake,
For sometimes I fail to appreciate,
These precious moments when I still can say,
That you depended on me in every way.

I now realize that I’m lucky this way,
That I have you all day in my embrace.
For someday this moment will be way past today,
When the world and your dreams will be yours to take.

Then you won’t have a choice but to forsake,
The mother who cared for you, so that you may,
Look for your destiny and make mistakes,
To learn to live and find your own way.

When that day comes, I will have to face,
Empty days without you when I wake.
But don’t you forget, I’ll be here to stay,
To guide you every single step of the way.

Looking back someday, I’d be able to say,
It’s a good thing I wrote my reflections today,
To remind me of my precious yesterday,
When once I was a mother to you all day.

"Thank you, Neo, for inspiring me every minute of every day."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One step towards a greener world

Tourism has a great impact on economies worldwide. But at times, it could do more damage than good to our environment. Following the philosophy of ecotourism is vital in order to ensure the longevity of our planet. We should minimize our impact on the places we visit and try to lend our assistance to conservation programs. 

As responsible travelers, we must maintain a careful balance between recreation and preservation. Even small things like not littering, reusing our towels, not buying food or drinks in plastic containers, switching off the lights when leaving the hotel room and choosing to stay in an environmentally-friendly hotel or lodge, would go a long way.
When our planet started to exist, only plants and animals inhabited our world. We, humans, would wait millions of years to begin our evolution and eventually emerge as the supreme and most dominant species in our territory. It would take a combination of natural calamity (asteroid impact killing all dinosaurs) and our rational minds (that which sets us apart from other life forms) to seal our fate as rulers of the earth.

But are we really? Something tells me that we are just travelers passing by. That all our actions whether beneficial or detrimental, would reap consequences if not now, in the very near future. That’s why we should all tread lightly on Mother Earth. By protecting our planet, we are also securing our future and that of generations to come.

P.S. This was my entry for the Belize Travel Blog Essay Writing Competition. I didn't win but I will try to practice what I preach.:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pevonia's Restorative Water Lily Facial at The Spa

Nothing says girl bonding like a spa day. Last Mother's Day, my Mom and I had the rare opportunity to go to a spa together for a relaxing treatment. Usually, we would just try a new restaurant or watch a movie to celebrate. It's hard when we have my one-year-old to take care of. Good thing my sister was on school break. She took my toddler out of our hands for an hour of  Pevonia bliss.

With my Mom, at The Spa-Alabang.

I was a regular customer at The Spa-Alabang before motherhood took my monthly leisure away. When we arrived, we were immediately ushered into the locker room to change into our spa robes. Although we would have wanted to, we had to decline using their wet floor facilities because we couldn't be gone for long. 

After a perfect cup of my favorite ginger tea, we were assisted to the facial room for Pevonia's Restorative Water Lily Treatment. My therapist asked me if it was okay to do a little pricking of black and white heads. When I gave her the go-ahead, she began with a gentle facial scrub followed by a relaxing steam facial to open up the pores and let out impurities. She then proceeded to prick blackheads and whiteheads with a scalpel. It was a little painful at first but after a few pricks, I finally adapted to it. A toner was applied after the procedure to shrink the appearance of pores. Next, she massaged a water lily-scented cream that felt cold and refreshing on my face. A relaxing back massage ended our Pevonia spa experience.

Pevonia's Restorative Water Lily Facial (Php1800) at The Spa.

I was instructed to leave the cream overnight for maximum results. I didn't mind because the cream on my face felt very light and silky. After rinsing the next day, I noticed an instant smoothness and firmness. And when I checked my face in the mirror, I  was quite impressed. My skin was a shade lighter and there was the evident radiant glow of a well-hydrated skin. It looked like I just stepped out of the steam bath with my rosy cheeks.

My Mom, too, was amazed at how the appearance of her fine lines and wrinkles had suddenly improved. Just a day after the treatment, she was already asking me when we're getting our next Pevonia Water Lily Facial.:) Thanks to Pevonia Botanica! My Mom really enjoyed her special day. I did too. We just might make this our annual Mother's Day date from now on.:)

The Spa-Alabang
Lower Ground, Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel Num: 850-3490/850-6836/Mobile No: 0905-3162444
Operational Hours: 1:00pm - 9:00pm daily

Pevonia’s Restorative Water Lily Treatment is available at The Spa Wellness at The Fort, The Spa Alabang, The Spa Greenbelt, The Spa Rockwell and The Spa Eastwood.  To find out more about Pevonia Botanica facials, body treatments and home care products, please call +63 2 634-8210 or visit to locate a spa near you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

“PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my Internet experience from EXHAUSTING to INEXHAUSTIBLE!”

I'm big on Internet speed. My whole day depends on it. Cut my Internet connection and you would unleash the beast in me. Ask my service provider and they would know.:)

As soon as I wake up in the morning, I would reach for my laptop and begin my day. Sometimes, even before  brushing my teeth.:) And I don't know why, but I have this silly habit of going to just to check if I was getting the connection speed I was paying for. A little bit on the OC side, I must admit.

I have a love/hate relationship with my current Internet connection. I write my blog posts in the morning but the speed of my Internet was so slow, it's making me crazy! It's hard to do an article when you couldn't  browse the web properly. At night, we reconcile when the speed was a lot faster. But who wants a rocky relationship? It can get really exhausting and things would have to go south at some point.

It's a good thing, I have a new prospect. I know it sounds like something a two-timing person would say. But it's hard to stay loyal when you're not getting what you deserve, right?

When I went to my friend's house to watch a Manny Pacquiao fight through their PLDT WatchPad, I also asked to connect to their Wi-Fi. And whoa! I was completely blown away. Their PLDT myDSL's speed was 3Mbps and mine was not even 2Mbps. I never wanted to leave. I had to drag myself out of that house because I knew the kind of Internet connection I was going home to.

Something's gotta give. Particularly, after reading about PLDT myDSL's offer of upgrading their Plan 3000 subscribers from 3Mbps to an unlimited 5Mbps for free. It would also be really cool to have my very own PLDT WatchPad. No need to barge into someone else's home just to see my favorite boxer in action. And the one year of free PLDT to PLDT NDD calls would be a very nice cherry on top of the cake.

It's time for a change. Especially now that I'm not anymore just another blogger. I recently became a certified Nuffnanger. In fact, I just attended their exclusive film screening of "X-MEN: First Class" with my hubby. It does feel good to be a Glitterati, but it would feel even better if this Glitterati was writing her blog posts effortlessly with the inexhaustible Internet connection and speedtastic offer made possible only by PLDT myDSL. I'm definitely making the transformation. Are you?

Visit for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscription today!’ 

MassKara Festival, A Celebration of Life

I have always been fascinated with masks since I was a child. I am especially fond of masquerade masks, just like the ones they wore in "The Phantom of the Opera". In fact, I used to beg my mom to buy me one every single Halloween. But she would refuse because my other sisters were afraid of it.

Here's a picture of me at a Venetian masks souvenir shop in Las Vegas, 2009.

It's no wonder I immediately got excited when I first heard about the MassKara Festival of Bacolod. This festival sounds like fun. With all the dancing and intricate costumes, this could well be the most colorful fiesta in the country.

I had a lot of friends who hailed from Bacolod. My mom herself was an Ilongga from the nearby province of Antique. According to my mom, the smiling masks worn by the streetdancers were a symbol of the locals' happy spirit. Their ability to smile in the face of poverty, brought about by periodic instability in the sugar industry. Which is by the way, the town's main source of livelihood.

The smiling masks at the MassKara Festival in Bacolod.

Bacolod is definitely going right on the top of my list of places to see. I want to witness the colorfully-masked dancers and be a part of the MassKara Festival. I want a taste of the native Ilonggo cuisine at the food festival. I want to explore the history and culture of the area. I want to connect with the place by getting to know the locals.

The MassKara Festival is for everyone anyway. A celebration of our triumph over trials, of abundance over poverty, of victory over tragedy.  After all, life itself is one big celebration.

"Experience MassKara Festival, Hermosa Festival and Lanzones Festival this October. Airphil Express flies daily to BACOLOD, ZAMBOANGA and CAGAYAN DE ORO from Cebu and Manila. Visit to book!"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

“What makes a smartphone a genius phone?”

I am no gadget expert. In fact, I can count the gadgets I use on the fingers of one hand. My trusty laptop, which as a blogger, is my gateway to the world. My dependable digital TV recorder, which allows me to catch my favorite programs. And my beloved cell phone...

I've had this cell phone of mine for a very long time. I even named it BUBU. My husband and I used to be text mates. Since we met through BUBU, I didn't have the heart to replace it. Or maybe, I just haven't seen a worthy phone out there that would change my mind.

BUBU and I hadn't hit a rough patch, until one day last year. My brother was using BUBU's camera to record my son at the height of his tantrum. And then, BAM! It happened. My 4-month-old rolled over onto his stomach for the very first time. This was one developmental milestone I always wanted to capture in vivid detail. Here's BUBU's handiwork:

As much as I love BUBU, I have to admit that I was quite disappointed with this video. I wished BUBU had the ability to shoot 1080p full HD videos just like the LG Optimus 2X.

And then there's the tripod dilemma. Since BUBU and my husband's phone both had low resolution cameras, my husband would always carry his DSLR even on trips where he didn't really need it. It wouldn't normally be an issue, except my hubby needed a "caddie" so he could take a nice shot. And that caddie was me...

Here's what your expression would be if you're carrying a 5 lbs tripod even when standing at the entrance of Disney World.

If only our phones had the 8 megapixel camera of LG Optimus 2X, I would never have to drag a tripod along in our family trips. However, I won't have a problem carrying the stylishly slim and lightweight LG Optimus Black.:) Not to mention, with a 2 megapixel front-facing camera, this kind of hair atrocity would not have to be immortalized again.

"If only I was able to check my hair from my phone!"

LG's Optimus line brings smartphones to a whole new level. From the 4-inch NOVA display that boasts the brightest in optimal visibility of the LG Optimus Black to the dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor of the LG Optimus 2X, these phones definitely set a new standard in technology. There's no doubt in my mind that LG Optimus offers the latest innovation and fastest Internet browsing experience out there. The blogger in me is already getting excited.

LG Optimus 2X

LG Optimus Black and LG Optimus 2x

The search is over. I'm sure BUBU would be happy with my choice. It's time for my beloved phone to take its rightful place on the shelf, among our wedding mementos. BUBU has served me long enough, after all.

I am no gadget expert. But I know a genius phone when I see one. A phone that solves my problems and gives me more. A smartphone that has it all...a "GENIUS PHONE" worth waiting for.

Optimus is more than just smart. It’s genius. Visit for more information!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Roy O. Disney Suite, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

After a thorough search on the web yielded no results, except for a brief description on the Hong Kong Disneyland website, I am confident (and proud!) to say that I am the first blogger to ever feature the Roy O. Disney Suite of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

I can still vividly remember that day in November 2006, when upon entering our room inside this same Disney hotel, I shed a couple of tears. The Victorian charm of the Garden View Room was way too much for a person whose childhood dream was to feel like a Disney princess, even just for a day.

Garden View Room of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, November 2006.
Four and a half years later, I am back! After 30 minutes at the hotel's check-in line, I'm finally assisted by a very accomodating Disney Cast Member. (Just a quick trivia: All Disney employees are referred to as "Cast Members".) She immediately confirmed my reservation and ushered me out of the line. Another Cast Member took our luggages to the counter for temporary storage while our room was being prepared. After all, it's only 1:30pm. The standard check-in time is 3:00pm. We were then led to the 7th Floor where the comforts of the Kingdom Club Lounge awaits.

Half an hour at the executive lounge and a few Mickey-shaped cookies later, we were informed that our room was ready. 

We walked down a long hallway. At the end of which were the double doors of Room 7135, otherwise known as the Roy O. Disney Suite, just one of the two Presidential Suites of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

The splendor of the grand foyer impressed me at once. I entered the suite giggling like an excited kid.

This floor diagram shows the sheer size of the suite. It's like five times the size of a regular room at the hotel.
The view of the foyer from the living room.

Elegant door hangers tell Cast Members when they can clean your room.
The living/dining area was like something from the movies. 

The living room.
Instead of the traditional basket of fruits or box of pralines, we were welcomed  with a tin can of premium cream sandwich cookies in the room.
The dining area with its large twinkling chandelier.
There's even a chess table but the chess set was nowhere to be found.
This ornate display cabinet holds a collection of Disney movie memorabilia which adds a whimsical feel to the room.
A small utility room where extra pillows are stored and that a deluxe foot massager?!

Powder room in the living area.

Minibar kitchen.
Espresso machine with a box of assorted espresso capsules.

A number of Roy O. Disney mementos decorated the room. Roy Oliver Disney, the older brother of Walt Disney, was the co-founder of The Walt Disney Company.

The room is equipped with a 37" LCD TV, DVD player and a state-of-the-art surround sound speaker system. I tried to appreciate it one night, but a call from the reception about a complaint from the guests next door killed my joy.:)

Then there's the bedroom...or what I so fondly call, my very own Princess' Sleeping-Chamber. The moment I stepped inside the room, I knew that this would be the highlight of all the hotel stays I would ever have. Everything about the room took my breath away.

The entrance to the bedroom.
A bed fit for a princess.
Spacious sitting area with a stately writing desk.
A 42" LCD TV with a motorized TV lift which you can control with the touch of a remote.
Among the decorative touches inside the suite, my hands down favorite was the "Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose".

Touchscreen desk telephones dot the room.
As with the rest of the suite, the ultra-luxurious bathroom didn't fail to inspire awe. I wouldn't mind sleeping here if I didn't have a fabulous cozy bed next door.

Entrance to the generously-sized marble bathroom.
Purely majestic!
The jacuzzi has a small LCD TV.
The marble floor medallion perfectly accentuates this magnificent room.
Bathroom amenities from Bvlgari and Disney. When I checked, the Bvlgari amenities alone cost around  Php4500. And they replenished it twice!:)
Thermostatic shower with massage jet body sprays inside the shower/steam room.
Toilet and European-style bidet.
A set of bathrobes for all ages, complete with in-room slippers embroidered with the Mickey Mouse logo.
And as if the room itself wasn't enough, the surrounding balcony has a view to die for.

The view from the living room balcony.
Simply breathtaking!
The view from our bedroom balcony.
The Mickey-shaped hedge maze from our veranda was a sight to behold.
A shot of our room's balcony from below the hotel.
While we were taking these pictures, a Cast Member knocked on the door to present us with a Disney banner-bed runner. She carefully placed it over the bed with shaking hands and mumbled a welcome message before scurrying out of the room. I was left wondering if she saw a ghost beside me.

A hotel staff would later confide that kings, presidents and movie stars (Tobey Maguire and Brad Pitt among others) were the usual occupants of the suite. Which explains why the Cast Member was a little frightened. She probably thought I was some sort of a real-life princess or perhaps a bona fide aristocrat. Heck! I would be intimidated with myself too if I had the same assumption.:) 

A night's stay at this suite costs HK$22,000 inclusive of taxes, or roughly 120,000 in Philippine peso. That's a lot of currency which only extremely rich people can afford...and at times, some fortunate winners of a raffle draw.:)

After our 3-day stay, I left the suite feeling like a princess. The message in the banner rings true. It's indeed one magical experience I will forever thank my lucky stars for.

Lantau Island
Hong Kong
Hotel Reservations Number:
852 1-830-830

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