Friday, June 15, 2018

The Man Behind the Lens

When you look out there, what do you see?
Behind the lens, where you most want to be.
I sneaked a peek, but I just couldn't see,
The world at large like you painted it to be.

You are indeed a Picasso, but of a different kind.
One who was born at the dawn of a new time.
Your paintbrush is a camera, a tripod, and a flash.
You made the world out there, your own blank canvas.

You can produce a masterpiece in less than a minute.
The colors so vivid, it's almost like magic.
You can turn a simple smile into something unique,
And create a modern-day Mona Lisa with just one click.

Your gift is an art that is difficult to master,
For one would need a heart as gentle as a feather,
To understand emotions like you are reading letters,
And capture life's moments before they're gone forever.

The way you depict the world in all its glory,
Inspired me to translate your art into poetry.
After all these years, you're still a puzzle to me.
Oh, man behind the lens, what do you really see? 💝

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Season's Greetings! 🎄

Goodbye Autumn 🍂, Hello Winter ❄️!

The first snow has fallen, FALL is at an end. The leaves are almost gone, WINTER has begun. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

My SuperNeo

He said he wanted to feel like a real superhero for Halloween.
So we transformed into villains that he could defeat to win.
What he doesn't know is that he doesn't have to prove a thing.
He doesn't even need a costume to do something.

It is said that a superhero is someone who saves the day.
A unique being with truly amazing and superhuman ways.
One who has the ability to conquer hearts like no other.
And make a difference in the world with a snap of a finger.

If only he knew that he could brighten up even my darkest days.
That the amazing way his mind works is superhuman in a way.
That he charmed his way into my heart from the very first day.
And that he made me see the world in a brand new way.

But for now, I will keep up the charade and dress him up with a cape.
Until the incredible truth about "who he really is" finally takes shape.
Soon, he would realize he doesn't need the suit of any superhero.
Because from the day he was born, he has always been my SuperNeo.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I Will Never Forget

I will never forget the day I first met you.
I will never forget the sound of your first cry like you're announcing it's "you".
I will never forget that after so much pain, comes the absolute joy of holding you.
I will never forget how you snuggled against me like we're meant to be when I first hugged you.
I will never forget the day I first saw you smile and realized just how much I love you.
I will never forget the cute way you first said "Mama" that I just had to kiss you.
I will never forget your very first step that gave me a clue that I will forever be chasing you.
I will never forget how I cried on your first day at school because I just couldn't leave you.

I will never forget how the past seven years have changed quite a lot of things about you.
I will never forget the baby, the toddler, the kid, the future teen and adult...for they are all a part of you.
I will never forget the happy, the funny, the silly, even the sad…for those moments are all with you.

I will never forget how you turned my life around since that wonderful day I first met you.
But years will pass and old age might take away every beautiful memory I have of you.
So, I wrote this poem to remind myself one day that I promised never to forget you.💝

An Ode To Him

Got to enjoy this moment, while in his heart, I'm still the queen.
Somewhere out there, a princess is waiting for him.
Time will come when my heart will certainly break.
For surely, this new girl will try to take my place.
I guess that is fine, for forever, I cannot stay.
I can only hope she'll love him in the same way.
But for now, let me freeze this moment and adore that smile.
Because I still can't believe that he is all mine. 💖

Remembering Papa

He was gone so young, only 43. 
Sometimes, I still long for a fun ride in his red car, like a child. 
I also wonder how happy and proud he would have been if he had met his grandsons and granddaughters. 
Often, I would think of him when I look in the mirror...because I do look a lot like him.
And then, there are occasions like this that remind me of him, like he was just beside me yesterday.
He's gone...but in my heart, he lives. ❤

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