Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pevonia's Restorative Water Lily Facial at The Spa

Nothing says girl bonding like a spa day. Last Mother's Day, my Mom and I had the rare opportunity to go to a spa together for a relaxing treatment. Usually, we would just try a new restaurant or watch a movie to celebrate. It's hard when we have my one-year-old to take care of. Good thing my sister was on school break. She took my toddler out of our hands for an hour of  Pevonia bliss.

With my Mom, at The Spa-Alabang.

I was a regular customer at The Spa-Alabang before motherhood took my monthly leisure away. When we arrived, we were immediately ushered into the locker room to change into our spa robes. Although we would have wanted to, we had to decline using their wet floor facilities because we couldn't be gone for long. 

After a perfect cup of my favorite ginger tea, we were assisted to the facial room for Pevonia's Restorative Water Lily Treatment. My therapist asked me if it was okay to do a little pricking of black and white heads. When I gave her the go-ahead, she began with a gentle facial scrub followed by a relaxing steam facial to open up the pores and let out impurities. She then proceeded to prick blackheads and whiteheads with a scalpel. It was a little painful at first but after a few pricks, I finally adapted to it. A toner was applied after the procedure to shrink the appearance of pores. Next, she massaged a water lily-scented cream that felt cold and refreshing on my face. A relaxing back massage ended our Pevonia spa experience.

Pevonia's Restorative Water Lily Facial (Php1800) at The Spa.

I was instructed to leave the cream overnight for maximum results. I didn't mind because the cream on my face felt very light and silky. After rinsing the next day, I noticed an instant smoothness and firmness. And when I checked my face in the mirror, I  was quite impressed. My skin was a shade lighter and there was the evident radiant glow of a well-hydrated skin. It looked like I just stepped out of the steam bath with my rosy cheeks.

My Mom, too, was amazed at how the appearance of her fine lines and wrinkles had suddenly improved. Just a day after the treatment, she was already asking me when we're getting our next Pevonia Water Lily Facial.:) Thanks to Pevonia Botanica! My Mom really enjoyed her special day. I did too. We just might make this our annual Mother's Day date from now on.:)

The Spa-Alabang
Lower Ground, Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Tel Num: 850-3490/850-6836/Mobile No: 0905-3162444
Operational Hours: 1:00pm - 9:00pm daily

Pevonia’s Restorative Water Lily Treatment is available at The Spa Wellness at The Fort, The Spa Alabang, The Spa Greenbelt, The Spa Rockwell and The Spa Eastwood.  To find out more about Pevonia Botanica facials, body treatments and home care products, please call +63 2 634-8210 or visit to locate a spa near you.


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