Monday, November 21, 2011

The Tale of a Mom and a Pizza

I always knew I would one day get old. And I am beginning to feel it today. It’s my 33rd birthday and here I am at the mall, buying some food for a quiet celebration with my family. I bought a tray of spaghetti, which my mom insisted about. She somewhat believes that eating the long strands of noodles on your birthday will prolong your life. So even though I was a bit on the doubtful side, I complied. Better safe than sorry.:)

I, then, picked up my birthday cake. The kind with lots of candy flower decorations that left no space for candles to be placed. I’m just not in the mood for some candle blowing ceremony today.

And last but not the least, I went to Pizza Hut and ordered my favorite Tuscani pizza flavor, Supremo. I can still remember the first time I ordered the Tuscani pizza. My husband and I were at a Pizza Hut counter for almost 30 minutes just trying to decide which pizza flavor we would buy. He wanted the Supremo and I was insisting we order the 3 Cheese Bacon and Spinach. In the end, we had to buy both just to avoid a big fight.:) It’s funny though, that I ended up liking his choice, the Supremo. And he ended up devouring the entire box of 3 Cheese Bacon and Spinach. But he did leave me a slice, a very small one.:)

I fell in love with the Tuscani Supremo because it totally tickled my taste buds and brought my pizza experience to a whole new level. I liked the thinness and crispiness of its crust and I was dazzled by the perfect balance of its well focused flavors. Its distinctive Italian taste didn’t overwhelm the palate and allowed the great pizza flavor to emerge. And even though I wasn’t just eating but analyzing each and every bite, I got transported to Italy before finishing my first slice. After all, how often can one say that her pizza experience turned into a journey?

I got home to a lot of hugs, kisses and birthday well wishes. This somehow made me realize how lucky I am to have a dependable husband who loves me, a cute son whom I’m crazy about, a loving mom who would do anything for me and 6 wonderful siblings who have always been there for me.

This realization made me change my mind about not blowing my birthday candles. I may feel old but I would rather be old than go back to the time when I was young but had never met my husband, had never given birth to my son, and had never yet tasted my favorite Tuscani Supremo.:)  I wouldn’t ever trade what I have today for youth.

So, I placed with pride the big number 33 on top of my favorite pizza and whispered a silent thanks to God along with my wish to become a better mom to my son and to somehow win the Ipad 2 at the Pizza Hut Tuscani Flavor Your Life Blogging Contest. I, then, asked my son to blow the candles for me and welcomed my 33rd year with open arms.


Winning this Ipad 2 will give me the opportunity to educate my son even more. My two-year-old is currently learning his ABCs and numbers through the interactive videos I downloaded online. His doctor suggested a more stimulating medium because my son has a tendency to quickly lose his interest in books and drawings. However, we only have one desktop computer at home which I also share with my husband. With this Ipad 2, my son and I can enjoy more hours of learning together in and out of our home. I can just imagine how my baby’s eyes will light up on Christmas Eve when he sees his new animated “book”. 

My son is my life and making him happy will always add flavor to my existence. I always knew I would one day get old but becoming a mom had changed me into a better person and made me look into the future with much anticipation. The future is bright, how could I have missed that before?


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