Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Traffic jams no more

LAMBOLANCE: Speed Car meets Speeding Truck

My solution for reducing traffic jams around the world is safe and responsible driving. A huge percentage of traffic jams were caused by road accidents which could have been prevented if:

1) We do not drive faster than the speed limit.
2) We are not drunk or under the influence of drugs when driving.
3) We make sure we are in good shape, and not sick, overly fatigued or too drowsy to drive.
4) We do not take a call or use our cell phones while driving.
5) We are constantly alert for road hazards such as debris, potholes, crossing animals, etc.
6) We do not drive recklessly by changing lanes abruptly, driving so close to another car, running red lights, etc.
7) We follow traffic signs diligently.
8) We avoid driving during extremely bad weather when road conditions would be unsafe for motorists.
9) We pay proper attention to our vehicle's maintenance to keep it safe and reliable.
10) We follow the law and do not participate in illegal street racing.

If we change our road habits for the better, there is no doubt that efficiency can be achieved. No traffic jams means more time to spend on the things we really need to do. That's what true efficiency is all about.


Apart from road accidents, another primary contributor to traffic jams is the exodus of people and vehicles in the streets at a given period. When people leave their house at the same time, traffic jams are inevitable. Hence, the term “rush hour”.

The reason why traffic conditions had worsened through the years was because the world did not only become overpopulated with people, we also witnessed a dramatic jump in commercial and industrial development.

My solution for reducing traffic jams around the world is what I would call, SECTORAL TIME ZONING. Implementing a specific timetable for each sector would greatly improve our traffic conditions. For example, schools and universities would be ordered to open at a designated period of time (between 5am-7am). A great way to make this idea viable is the utilization of school buses and carpooling, so parents would no longer have to drive their children to school.

Sectoral Zoning Hours

After an adequate time interval, offices can now start their business hours (between 8am-11am). Around this time, the students would be out of the streets and road congestion in the morning would have been reduced by 50%. The time we would save by not getting stuck in traffic would definitely do wonders for the business sector. Time efficiency means better productivity which will in turn result in greater profit.

Commercial establishments like malls should be required to start operating around 12pm onwards, when the country’s workforce is all at their desk getting busy for the day. Who goes to a mall before lunch time anyway? Students and employees can always eat breakfast in their respective school and office cafeteria.

By doing this, we would also be able to prevent evening rush hour because students would be travelling back home way before people getting out of the office would.

A world without traffic jams is possible if “rush hours” will no longer exist. The strict implementation of SECTORAL TIME ZONING might just be what we need. The solution is in our hands. Imagine how efficient our lives would be if we can only manage our time wisely.


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