Sunday, April 22, 2012

Neo at 2

Neo is 2 years old.
But he is not your typical cute kid for he’s not plump and chubby.
He might be frail-looking, but he’s the epitome of health.
He might be besieged by allergies, but he gets by with just a little help.
He might look small, but he can spell and count beyond his age.
He might act a little awkward, but he can dance the “Dougie” adorably.
He might be a late speaker, but he can sing well and hit the right notes.
He might not be good with crayons, but he can finish difficult puzzles impressively.
He might be addicted to Deal or No Deal, but he watches it partly to learn numbers.
He might have found it difficult to jump, but he practiced it daily until he finally can.
He might be quite gawky, but he can definitely throw a bowling ball just like his daddy.
He might be afraid of beeping horns, but he can watch a booming fireworks display up close.
He might have always kept me up at night, but his bright mind makes the best company.
He might be quite serious for a kid, but only because he prefers to study.
He might be a little talkative, but his intellectual chatter never fails to amaze me.
He might have stared blankly into space at times, but only because he has a knack for recalling things that happened months ago.
He might have constantly butt heads with me, but he never fails to hug me in the end.
He might be occasionally naughty, but only because he loves to make me laugh.
He might be a little too attached, but only because he appreciates my company.
He might be demanding from time to time, but that's because he’s just like me.
He might have given me hell during labor, but he made it worth my pain.
He might have changed my life and plans, but only for the better.
Neo is 2 years old and will not always stay a baby.
But in my heart, he will. ♥♥♥


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